Glamour, Style and Fashion

If shopping is generally considered to be a kind of therapy, shopping in Mykonos has evolved into a form of art. Mykonos Town (Chora) is a paradise for exclusive shopping, where nearly all high-end brands have created fabulous boutiques, especially designed to fit into the cycladic landscape's minimalistic shapes and colors.

Outstanding Greek and international jewelers, superb clothing & accessories, as well as luxury home interiors, all is here waiting to indulge everyone, from the hippy-chic traveler to the most demanding fashionista. Mykonos is home to a large artists' colony, so there are a number of fine galleries too offering original works.

Of course, you will also find the shops you need to fill all your basic needs and comforts. There are kiosks, liquor stores, many pharmacies, a dry goods shop, bookstores, photo and electronics shops.

Most shops are open seven days a week, but will be closed from 2pm to 5pm, while many of them remain open late into the evening. ATM's are available throughout town.