Mykonos: A starting point for amazing excursions

Delos, a small uninhabited island close to Mykonos, and a UNESCO world heritage area known for its important archaeological sites, is a must for all visitors. Delos was the Sacred Island of Ancient Greece. According to mythology, the island was revealed among the Aegean waves of the to Leto, who gave there birth to Apollo and Artemis (Diana).  It was first settled, probably by the Kares, about the 3rd millennium B.C. In the beginning of the 8th century.B.C. it developed into a center of worship. In the middle of the 5th century B.C. the Athenian Peisistratos ordered the first purification of the sanctuary. As a result of the second purification (426 B.C.) the entire contents of all the islands graves were remove to neighboring Rhenia. Afterwards in order to prevent desecration of the sanctuary, both births and deaths were forbidden on the island of Appolo. The Athenians consecrated the first “Delia” dedicated to Leto, Artemis, and Apollo. In 315 B.C., when Macedonians arrived on the island, Delos achieved its independence and developed commercially. During the Roman period, the island thrived, until, until 88 B.C.; Then, after two dreadful attacks, Delos went into decline and was finally abandoned in the 6th cent A.D.
The Archaeological Museum of Delos houses one of Greece’s most precious collections, such as rare exhibits of ancient sculpture ceramic vessels, epigraphs, wonderful mosaics etc. The sites of Delos and Rhenia are under the protection of the Ministry of Culture; thus, both the mooring of private boats there and staying overnight without official permission are strictly forbidden.

Mykonos Private Cruises to Delos and Rhenia Island, with traditional Greek sailing boat. There are beach-to-beach cruises, sunset cruises and cruises to Delos and Rhenia; an ideal choice for families & friends. Visit ancient Delos and relax on the private beach of Renia, a beautiful deserted neighboring island.

One-day-trip to other amazing cycladic islands with the ferry. Being in easy reach with other Cyclades, Mykonos is ideal for island-hopping or one-day-excursions to Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.